About Aisha Hammah and the Series

The Separating the Religions Project starts by comparing religions literally. By the end of the series which occurs in volumes and encompasses multiple sets of series including the self-titled Separating the Religions Series, you will discover a new sense of the name “Separating the Religions.” Aisha Hammah, the Author, has a knack for the truth.  As a child, the author, Aisha would pore through a book like the classic Disney discovery series' which has birthed the National Geographic and Adventure Series' and Golden Look Books in her Uncle's basement, even through books originally intended for adults. Naturally, she'd have a hunch just where each truth lay without reading it all. Apparently, she knew the answer before beginning. However, as a part of “Generation Why,” as she coined it, “I sought proofs...to explain it to others...”


For the self-titled sub-series, she broaches questions of religion and God, race and history, science and spirit, and where they meet, with proofs, in a way that makes it simple. "The highest goal of the series would be to orient society in a direction that brings them face to face with the last and missing truths of heavy importance to the time and 'the times,' our highest goal, however is lofty,...to bring kingdom come through our heaven-focused books," quoted by Aisha Hammah.

God has a way of fixing everything and everything works together for good. Part of the solution involves establishing what is true and what is false from the information already out there. I seek the lofty goal of using insights to put us right again in a way that information can no longer hurt us.

How do you share (suggest) a truth that may not be nice and still share what you believe to be true? This was the constant question I was faced with while working on the series. I have tried my best. Certain questions must be asked and they only have certain answers. I believe in the end, everybody wins but this truth may take on a different form than some had ever imagined; there must be a meeting of the minds..

Thank you for your audience.




Aisha D. Hammah

Owner and CEO of the Way Truth Life International Imprint

Owner and CEO of the Parent Company WTL International , researching "forever," but in business since 2006

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